About Us

Automotive Placement was established due to the need of both clients and candidates requiring a solution for their recruitment needs in a rapidly changing market place.

We offer qualified advice to our candidates by understanding their requirements and finding the best solution for them. We can do this because we have a detailed understanding of the job roles within a car retailer, and can offer this advice to both clients and applicants.

Recruitment is a time  consuming task from thinking about advertisement wording, finding the best place to advertise the vacancy, screening CV’s, arranging interviews, and responding to applicants that have not been successful.

Automotive Placement offer a solution for all of the above problems which means that when you sit down to interview our candidate you can do so knowing that they will be a suitable fit for the position you are wishing to fill.  This means that you can get on with the more important business of selling and servicing cars.

Why Chose Us?

We are not a conventional recruitment company; the digital age continues to change business with more the 2 billion people online we have positioned ourselves to serve the online need.

Having worked in the industry we know that this means that being open from 9-5 does not work as that’s the time most people are working we are available to discuss your requirements at any time.

Simply contact us and we’ll be available to talk to you outside of the conventional hours of business. Companies are generally busy dealing with their business during working hours and can fall into a viscous circle of being too busy to spend the time recruiting the staff that they need.

Applicants also find it difficult to talk about their next job while being at work. We recognise this and have resolved the problem for both parties which has meant a quicker placement time than otherwise could have been expected.

We specialise in recruitment for the automotive industry. Our team have over 30 years experience in the industry, and understand the business at a detailed level meaning we can offer a high level of service to both our clients and candidates.

The trust we gain within the marketplace is due to the detailed knowledge and professionalism that we hold ourselves accountable to in every interaction with have with both clients and candidates.

We offer our clients high quality advise and guidance for their recruitment needs in a supportive capacity that makes the recruitment process smooth.

We act with integrity and the highest levels of confidentiality that you would expect from a leading recruitment agency.

Register with us today and let us help you get your new job or recruit a new member of staff for your team.

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